Andalou Naturals offers the first hemp-based beauty collection with a non-GMO Project Verified Status

Andalou Naturals offers the first hemp-based beauty collection with a non-GMO Project Verified Status

Various companies are now jumping onto the CBD trend, with beauty products being the latest to jump aboard the green ship.

A leader in natural beauty, the Novato-based Andalou Naturals has recently pioneered CannaCell®, the first of its kind as a hemp-based collection of beauty products with a Non-GMO Project Verified status. This unique and powerful botanical beauty line is based on hemp stem cells and is composed of pure, organic and unadulterated hemp seed oil.

The hemp skin care market is worth over $10 billion, and it will continue to thrive in the coming years. This makes the recent launch a timely one, especially when we consider the growing awareness among consumers and their desire to obtain more trusted products that carry the Non-GMO Project Verified label.

Free from GMO and pesticides

Andalou Naturals is a firm believer in innovation, empowerment and transparent labeling. They offer a variety of products aimed at revitalizing the body, skin and hair with the nourishing features that hemp possesses. And with no other beauty brand achieving the Non-GMO Project Verified Status at this time, Andalou sets the bar, ensuring that their cutting edge high-standard products never come into conflict with human well-being.

They operate with the belief that nature offers the best design and that GMO crops and pesticides should be avoided at all costs given their potential to undermine health and well-being seriously. Andalou Naturals is proud of its Superior Source Ingredient Standards, gluten free verified, certified organic, nature derived, vegetarian, vegan and sustainably sourced products that are based only on fair-trade agreements and always free of any kind of cruelty.

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CannaCell® line which are loaded with antioxidants derived from hemp stem cells. (Source)

Given the recent legislative changes in certain states in the U.S. and the legalization that has taken effect in Canada, consumer demand for hemp-based skin, hair and body products is skyrocketing. Harnessing Nature’s Intelligence® through their innovative Fruit Stem Cell Science®, Adalou Naturals formulated their timely CannaCell® line which are loaded with antioxidants derived from hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil and pure plant essential oils. Consumers benefit from the nourishing effects of hemp without having to worry about any kind of psychoactive effects as hemp products are THC-free without recreational use.  

Stacey Kelly Egide, Founder and Co-CEO stated that “…by applying the principles of our groundbreaking Fruit Stem Cell Science®, we developed CannaCell®, the first Hemp Stem Cells for beauty care – an innovative ingredient that harnesses the power of hemp and puts it to work for skin, hair and body care, delivering the same trusted performance as all Andalou Naturals products, as well as the Non-GMO Project Verified seal of approval.”

What makes CannaCell special

CannaCell is loaded with Cannabis Sativa antioxidants that are derived from naturally occurring phytocannabinoid hemp stem cells obtained from mature stalks of hemp plants. They boast the ability to circumvent the stress, disease and aging caused by free radicals, excessive sun exposure, pollution and harsh environmental conditions.  The organic hemp seed oil offers the most balanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the heart with a various other health benefits. Other features include an array of nutrients, minerals and a range of vitamins that include vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6.

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