Cannabis companies gather in WeedCon Cup in Ojai

Cannabis companies gather in WeedCon Cup in Ojai

WeedCon awarded the best cannabis products in its recently held expo in Ojai, California, just late last month.

The World Entrepreneurs Economic Development Conference (WeedCon) held an expo for businesses last Oct. 26 at Casa Ojai Inn in Ojai, California. The event included live music, exhibitors, a hosted dinner and the WeedCon Cup awards, which awarded some of the best cannabis products in certain categories.

The expo was sponsored by Ojai Greens Dispensary, LA Kush, Kushy Punch, District Edibles and Chong’s Choice.

Some exhibitors in the event include Flow Kana, Sol Spirit Farm, Brass Knuckles OG, BR Merchant Solutions, Big Pete’s Treats, Punch Edibles, Maven, Candescent, Nugg, Heavy Hitters, Vet CBD, Papa&Barkley, Refined Hydrocarbon Solutions, Pure Vape, Botanical Veterinary Solutions, Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen, Mary Jane Services Network, Kiva Confections, Marys Medicinals and Boku Super Foods.

Apart from exhibitions and networking, WeedCon aims to support the nonprofit organization Safety Harbor Kids, which focuses on orphan kids.

Events like this allow cannabis businesses to extend their network and be exposed to other innovations within the industry. It creates an environment of healthy competition, allowing these companies to be more creative when it comes to their cannabis products.

WeedCon Cup Awards

At the WeedCon Awards, the categories were Best Flower, Best Edible, Best Product and Best Dispensary. These categories were also divided into subcategories, and according to the WeedCon website, these are the winners:

The Best Flower category is divided into subcategories—indica, sativa and hybrid. For the best indica flower, the winner is BareRoots Farms. The best sativa flower award went to Cali Kush Farms for its Sumo Tangie, while the best hybrid flower went to LA Kush for its Bloodwalker.

Similar to Best Flower, Best Edible category was also divided into the three categories. Big Pete’s Treats won for its Indica Chocolate Chip Cookie, District Edibles for its Sativa cannabis-infused Cherry Cola gummies, and Kushy Punch for its hybrid Cannabis infused gummies.  

The Best Vape Cartridge category was also divided into three awards. Kushy Punch Kushy Vape won for the best indica and hybrid vape cartridge, while California Dab Company won the best sativa vape cartridge for its Lemon Head Vape.

The Best Vape Battery was awarded to LA Kush, while the Best Product went to Papa&Barkley for its 3:1 Balm.

Lastly, the Best Dispensary recognition went to Skunkmasters, which is headquartered in Port Hueneme, California.


California is one of the first states to legalize the medical use of marijuana in 1996. (Source)

Cannabis industry in California

The recreational use of marijuana became legal in the state just last Jan. 1, which makes California one of the largest market for legal cannabis, according to Los Angeles Times. But the history of the state with cannabis goes way back, as it is one of the first states to legalize the medical use of marijuana in 1996.

Though it is legal statewide, the government allowed local governments to impose their own laws regarding the purchase and use of cannabis.

Because California has one of the largest legal marijuana markets, it is fitting that events like WeedCon are held in the state. Apart from the large consumer base, California also becomes the hub for both marijuana growers and retailers. People can expect that more expos like this will be held in the state as the cannabis industry continues to grow.

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