CBD is now in the hair care business

CBD is now in the hair care business

CBD is not just on edibles, vapes, creams and drinks anymore—it is now on hair care products too. Earthly Body just released a hair care line with CBD as an additive.

Several CBD products have been circulating in the market over recent years. This is because CBD or cannabidiol is more favored in some regulations compared to other cannabis products. CBD is a component of cannabis plants that has no psychoactive properties. It means that it does not provide euphoria to consumers, but offers several health benefits and therapeutic effects.

In fact, CBD is being used in anti-inflammatory products and medicines that help manage rare types of epilepsy. With more studies conducted by cannabis companies, they are able to explore other uses of CBD.

Recently, Earthly Body released a hair care brand focused on CBD—the EMERA CBD Haircare. It is the first hair care product line to have used 100 percent CBD. The CBD oil the company used was produced using sustainable and non-GMO industrial hemp plants.

The EMERA hair care line includes products such as nourishing shampoo, conditioner, detangler, serum, and scalp therapy product—all infused with high-quality CBD oil.

Because CBD is organic, these hair products do not ruin the hair compared to other products that have sulfate in them. According to the press release by Earthly Body, its shampoo helps promote healthy hair and prolong hair color, while the conditioner maintains moisture and provides hydration to the hair.

The brand’s detangler product can also help protect hair from harmful impacts of hair drying and ironing. The CBD serum helps hair to become softer, shinier, smoother and manageable while fighting frizz. Meanwhile, the CBD scalp therapy could help restore healthy hair growth. The products’ prices range from $25 to $30.

CBD hair care

CBD is now being used in various hair and skin care products. (Source)

The use of CBD in hair and skin care products

CBD is commonly associated with other products such as edibles, vapes, drinks and even medicines. Though generally unknown, CBD is now being used in various hair and skin care products. Several beauty magazines have featured the use of CBD in these types of products. For instance, GLAMOUR cited cosmetic dermatologist Sejal Shah, M.D., saying that CBD is suitable for most skin types, but consumers must still consider other products that suit them, given that there are other additives in these products.

The article also mentioned a study that was done in 2014, saying that CBD had shown positive results in the treatment of acne.

In the food industry, hemp is used as a great organic alternative—even a vegan option. And since CBD can also be derived from hemp, using it in other products such as hair and skin care products provides consumers with an alternative version—an organic and a safer one. The beauty industry has been criticized because of the too much use of chemicals and animal testing—which is why beauty companies are starting to include sustainable ingredients in their products and provide vegan and cruelty-free options for the consumers.

In a Marie Claire article, several beauty products with CBD were pointed out such as bath salts, lip balm, eye serum, face serum and body lotion. It says that though there are only a few studies on CBD, the beauty industry has recognized this component’s potential.

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