Can CBD help people sleep better?

Can CBD help people sleep better?

Researchers are looking into the compound’s potential to help people sleep.

There are numerous reports highlighting the supposed medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and scientists worldwide are trying to uncover more along the way. The compound’s popularity for pain, inflammation and anxiety relief has prompted more people to look at CBD to help them sleep better.

Since CBD comes from cannabis, there is a common notion that it can help people sleep by making them feel more relaxed. While this is true, this is not applicable to people who do not suffer from conditions that affect the quality of sleep. Simply put, the compound may only be effective to people who are having troubles sleeping because of stress and anxiety. 

A preliminary study on 72 adults suffering from either anxiety or insomnia found that their anxiety decrease by 79.2 percent after a month of taking CBD. While their anxiety levels were decreasing, the quality of their sleep improved by 66.7 percent during the period of the study.

One of the many factors associated with insomnia is stress. The study suggested that since CBD is known to decrease a person’s stress levels, then it would pass as a natural remedy to insomnia.

To add more strength behind the research’s results, Healthspan Medical Director Dr. Sarah Brewer, who conducted the review of the study, also took CBD at night. She slept deeper at the time, according to her.

While claims about CBD promoting healthy sleep seems to be limited to those with sleeping disorders, this has highlighted the possibility that CBD may help improve mental health.

CBD’s potential for promoting good mental health

CBD is also said to be helping people cope with different mental health conditions, including depression. Some say it can also reduce symptoms of psychosis. The studies looking into these possibilities, however, are yet to be completed.

CBD oil

CBD still has the capacity to help people relax. (Source)

These studies could be beneficial for the industry as a whole. Despite lacking psychoactive compounds, however, there are still a lot of organizations that want to limit the reach of CBD. For instance, the FDA from the U.S. still considers the product as a controlled substance despite the country legalizing industrial hemp in 2018.

The main concern of lawmakers and administrative bodies is that there are only a few studies that back the medical claims being made by retailers and producers. As more research on the compound are conducted, it will be able to gain more support from the public and later on, the government.

A remaining hurdle that the industry has to pass now is the legal and regulatory concerns. If lawmakers see all the good the compound has to offer, then they could consider lifting its restrictions.

The accessibility of CBD makes it easy for those suffering from sleeping disorders to try out an alternative treatment. 

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