CBD is an important cannabis ingredient in LeafLink List

LeafLink plays a very important role in the American cannabis industry. They provide a platform that links wholesalers and retailers and facilitates ordering. This role gives them a deep look at which brands and products are leading sales across many U.S. states where marijuana has legal status. They are now using that insight to launch the LeafLink List, a guide to the top brands and products that they see on a daily basis.

The launch of the list

The launch of the LeafLink List has earned this leading platform quite a bit of attention. Connecting over 2,500 retailers with more than 700 brands, LeafLink processes 11 percent of U.S. wholesale orders. Being included on the LeafLink List will be a big boost for brands and products that are already assuming a leading role in the industry.

LeafLink CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan G. Smith, stated:

“We’re excited to introduce LeafLink List as a way to recognize some of the incredible brands on our platform…It’s amazing to see how powerfully retailers respond to high quality, beautifully branded products on LeafLink. LeafLink List is not only a celebration of ingenuity and quality among today’s growing cannabis brands, but also of the rich community of purchasing managers who use LeafLink to educate themselves on the latest and greatest products available to them.”

LeafLink List winners

Categories of best-selling and fastest growing brands and products on the 2018 LeafLink List include:

– Top Brands
– LeafLink Customer Favorites
– Diversity in Leadership
– Best Branding & Advertising
– Edibles
– Vaporizers
– Concentrates
– Flowers & Pre-rolls
– Medical
– Topical & Transdermal

For those seeking out CBD products, it should come as no surprise that CBD plays a role in many categories as a basic component of cannabis. So even those seeking out products for their THC content will also get a healthy dose of CBD as well.

Products featuring CBD

The two leading categories featuring CBD products are also no surprise. Medical and Topical & Transdermal categories include many CBD products and products with high amounts of CBD since CBD is primarily featured as a healing substance. Of course, such products generally contain THC as well, both for its healing powers and for its abilities to strengthen CBD’s healing action.

CBD chills inflammation. (Source)

The best-selling product in the Medical category is the Alchemy 500 mg Cartridge from Evolab of Colorado. Described as the “best of all worlds,” in addition to CBD, the Alchemy Cartridge has a high terpene profile and high THC potency. It also comes in flavors.

The fastest growing product in Medical is the Blue Cheese 1000 mg Cartridge from Arizona’s Timeless Vapes. Featuring 1,000 mg of distilled indica, Blue Cheese is a cross between a Blueberry male and a U.K. Cheese combining the smells of berry and blue cheese. Big for relaxation and relief for stress, muscle spasms and pain.

Topical & Transdermal’s best-seller is the Extra Strength Relieving Creme from Apothecanna with operations in Colorado and California. It is a double strength moisturizing body cream with anti-inflammatory plant extracts. CBD is one of the key ingredients for its anti-inflammatory action and the creme is ideal for distressed skin, swollen joints and sore muscles.

The fastest growing in the Topical & Transdermal category is the Relief Massage Oil from Arizona’s Kindred. Relief Massage Oil is high in CBD and combines cannabis oil and coconut oil with the scent of cucumber melon.

Time for a shopping list

No doubt the LeafLink List will become the basis for many a shopping list as the news spreads. Knowing what is really selling is one way of understanding what people are finding to be the best products on the markets. Whether seeking out THC, CBD or a sweet combination, the LeafLink List can now be your guide.