CBD steps into the world of spas and wellness centers

CBD steps into the world of spas and wellness centers

CBD finds its way into another new market, once again making the compound accessible for people.

Support for the cannabidiol (CBD), the miracle compound, continues to rally each day. Restaurant and cafe owners are joining in on the cannabis bandwagon by adding a dash of CBD to their regular dishes. Aside from food and drink establishments, CBD oils are also making their way into spas.

The cannabinoid has several benefits which include a few ones for our skin. When ingested, the compound is more commonly known for reducing muscle inflammation. Aside from this, CBD is also proven to fight off skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Some also suggest the benefits will also be present if people apply it on their skin directly through creams and oils so the compound has its place in spa and wellness centers.

The Ruby Room in Chicago is one of the new establishments expanding its services with CBD. The wellness center recently decided it will give its customers access to CBD oil massages or facials. Ruby Room will also offer customers a serving of a CBD-infused beverage while they wait for their turn.

Business owner Kate Leydon says “[the services] will work away your stress, aches, pains, and leave you feeling like a well-cooked noodle.”

Another spa using the compound is Spa Anjali in Avon, Colorado, with the recently added Green Spa Treatment to their list of services. It starts off with a massage therapist applying an activated hemp extract to specific body parts depending on where the customer is experiencing discomfort in. After this, the customer is given a 50- to 75-minute rubdown using a hemp-based massage oil. The service ends with a CBD-infused smoothie.

Simply Massage at the DoubleTree by Hilton Vail also offers massages and treatments where CBD-infused lotions and creams are the stars. Aside from this, Simply Massage also offers its customers an array of CBD-infused products to buy like bath bombs, lotions and oils.

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CBD services are something that people should try out when the chance presents itself. (Source)

Why it is worth the try

Considering its availability, are CBD spas and massages worth the try? To begin with, there are no drawbacks to these services. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, people will not get high from it. They do not have to worry about testing positive in drug tests as well as these only look out for tetrahydrocannabinol.

With all its benefits, CBD services are something that people should try out when the chance presents itself. They could be missing out on the wonders of the compound now but it is never too late for them to try it out.

CBD is now more popular than ever and it could even come close to overthrowing marijuana as the top cannabis products. The rise of the compound has paved the way for companies to expand their services and product lines with something beneficial and hopefully, more companies will open their doors in the coming months.

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