Estée Lauder looking to dominate the CBD skin care market with new face mask

Estée Lauder looking to dominate the CBD skin care market with new face mask

Estée Lauder recently launched a new face mask with cannabis oil, but will it be enough to make a mark?

Along with the rise of the cannabis industry is the unprecedented growth of an entirely new market for cannabidiol (CBD) products. Best known as a miracle compound found in industrial hemp, CBD does not exhibit the same psychoactive effects that are present in marijuana but instead makes up for it through numerous health benefits. The oil is also a versatile solution, making it a fine ingredient for an array of consumer products.

According to Forbes, the latest company to dive into the CBD market is Estée Lauder’s Origins with a new celadon green face mask that comes packed with cannabis sativa seed oil derived from hemp. The product called “Hello, Calm” further expands the vast selection of cannabis-infused skin care products.

With this new venture, Estée Lauder is hoping to infiltrate the growing cannabis market with hopes of one day dominating the competition. A few decades ago, Estée Lauder seemingly dominated its main competitor Aveda. It bought the brand and began to slowly phase out Aveda’s natural essential oils in exchange for palm oil. This resulted in a major controversy for the brand.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) criticized Estée Lauder for having a poor commitment to sourcing palm oil sustainably. Palm trees populate lush tropical forests and having these areas destroyed had major complications for the environment. Furthermore, the UCS adds that some companies exploited the workforce in the industry through child labor, low wages and poor working conditions.

Benefits of cannabis oil

The brand is one of the biggest entries in the CBD skin care market but it is going to have to go through tough competition first. And with spas and health and wellness centers jumping into the same trend, it’s only natural for the brand to make its way into such companies. Aside from being organic and all-natural, these products come with countless benefits all packed into one compound.

cbd for skin care

CBD has several benefits for the skin, including its anti-inflammatory property. (Source)

The most immediate answer people will get when asking about CBD’s benefits for the skin is that it is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It is the perfect treatment for bug bites and rashes. However, scientists are discovering that there is more to CBD than there are evidences that it could treat skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. Scientists are still busy looking for more evidence of CBD’s benefits.

Facing stiff competition

The market is currently dominated by The Body Shop. Unlike Estée Lauder, the brand is not associated with any major controversy. In fact, the brand is praised for its high commitment to sustainability as a lot of its products do not even come with packaging. The Body Shop already has an extensive hemp selection including a lip balm, creams and the best-selling Hemp Soap On A Rope.

If Estée Lauder wants to dominate the market, it has to consider a lot of things. First off, it must make sure that it secures the cannabis sativa seed oil through sustainable practices only. It must also expand its product line to more than just a face mask. More importantly, it must let its consumers know that its products are top-tier.

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