Luxury hotels and spas in New York now have CBD on room service

Luxury hotels and spas in New York now have CBD on room service

It has never been easier to get CBD while vacationing in New York.

Various brands are getting into the growing market for cannabidiol (CBD). The miracle compound is arguably what is next for the health and wellness sector so it should be no surprise that businesses are willing to expand their horizons. In the U.S., even hotels are including CBD into their menus, and ordering from room service has never been more exciting.

Luxury CBD-infused edibles brand Lord Jones announced a partnership with Standard International last year. With the venture, Lord Jones planned on launching a dispensary retail shop inside the Standard Hollywood hotel in Los Angeles. Once launched, the shop will be selling the company’s trademark line of CBD gumdrops, chocolates and more.

The only problem now is that there are a few legal matters that need to be settled first to get the ball fully rolling. In the meantime, however, Lord Jones and several other brands are having no problems offering CBD edibles inside hotels in other states.

The James NoMad and The Standard line of hotels in New York are not restricted by law when it comes to distributing CBD products. In fact, there CBD is prominent in The Big Apple and it is very easy to get a hold of products that are infused with it.

In the aforementioned hotels in New York, people can order a line of premier CBD-infused dishes such as meatballs, ice cream sundaes and other sweets.  The James NoMad even offers a special CBD tasting menu. Speaking to Moneyish, hotel manager James La Russo says that they are always researching new ways to help their guests relax.

La Russo made sure to add CBD to their menu as he understands what people can get from it. “CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress,” he says. When the dm,,,,,,,ecision became final, The James NoMad even went as far as enlisting the help of Chef Andrea Drummer to spice up their menu. Drummer herself is a fervent user of cannabis.

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Some luxury hotels and spa also offer CBD-infused skin care products. (Source)

A relaxing day at the spa with CBD now possible

What is even better news is that CBD is made accessible not only through a delectable selection of food and drinks as hotels guests can directly apply the compound on their skin through CBD-infused skin care products. The James NoMad is also the spearheader in this divisions as their hotel spas are equipped with lip balms and facial lotions with CBD.

The St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado is not one to shy away from CBD too as they now offer special treatments with CBD. This decision to do so came after several clients asked if they had CBD treatments says massage therapist Nadene Moccia to The New York Times.

Now that CBD is on the menu at a select number of hotels, more lodging establishments could follow suit soon. If that happens, the industry is going to get a massive boost through these establishments. Even better is the fact that people from all over the world and from places where CBD is inaccessible will get to try out the product.

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