3 notable CEOs and executives behind the booming cannabis industry

3 notable CEOs and executives behind the booming cannabis industry

Behind the successes of the cannabis industry are esteemed individuals with success in mind.

The cannabis industry is bigger than ever, and it is no longer limited to marijuana. Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) have branched out to form markets of their own, and these have helped people ease into cannabis. There are many factors to thank for its new growth, and those include the acceptance it is getting from the U.S., Canada and other major economies.

We also have companies and industry leaders to thank for what the cannabis industry is today. Without their researches, products and services, it would have been hard to let the public see the benefits of marijuana, hemp and CBD. At the core of these companies are CEOs and executives that are fighting through early challenges in the industry. Here are just a few notable ones.

Scott Van Rixel

Cannabis-infused foods and sweets are now more popular than ever. These also allow people to incorporate cannabis into their lives through sweets and other decadent offerings. Being a master chocolatier, Scott Van Rixel says the industry’s growth as an opportunity to incorporate the wonders of cannabis with delectable chocolates.

Scott is the founder and CEO of Bhang, a distributor of high-quality chocolates infused with CO2-extracted cannabis oil. Aside from selling a growing line of chocolates and edibles, the company has also expanded its inventory with vape products, gums and sprays. Now considered as a global brand, Bhang’s products are readily available in several countries including the U.S. and Canada.


Bhang has become a leading distributor of cannabis-infused chocolates. (Source)

The company works in partnership with CannaRoyalty, Indiva and Trulieve so that it has a full understanding of the cannabis industry and that it has access to premium cannabis extracts.

Bhang’s success has a lot to do with Scott’s track record in product, brand, and R&D and innovation that he has acquired from major retailers. Furthermore, he is also the founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. For people asking why Bhang’s sweets are hard to put down, it is probably because Scott is a European-certified Chef de Cuisine and a Master Chocolatier.

Kevin Hagen

CBD research and development leader PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) recently appointed Kevin Hagen as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Hagen is an experienced executive, bringing leadership and industry knowledge to the table. Before assuming this position, Hagen was the president of POTN’s subsidiaries First Capital Venture Co., and Diamond CBD, Inc.

The newly appointed CEO says that “since early 2017 we have been building our brand, consumer base, and product line. As we close 2018 and enter 2019, we plan to become a more robust company, with solid distribution and sales, upon which we can continue to build more brands and penetrate more markets.” He adds that POTN is planning to make its NASDAQ debut in the coming years.

Former POTN CEO Dr. Richard Goulding will now be in charge of the product development and clinical testing of future items to be sold through Diamond CBD as the new Chief Medical Officer. Since he will devote his time to his expertise instead of entrepreneurial matters, people can expect better offerings from POTN and Diamond CBD in the months to come. Hagen says that Dr. Goulding will be capable of handling the complexities currently facing the company’s new hemp-derived CBD product initiatives.

POTN’s new chain of command could prove to be an excellent strategy for the industry leader. With the competition growing stiffer by the day, reshuffling its executives can help put their skills and expertise to better use.

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo is a national cannabis leader who has been a devoted activist, advocate, entrepreneur and educator of matters regarding cannabis. He is driven to help others as well, and he does this mainly through his socially responsible company, Harborside Health Center, which is the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world.

As an advocate and activist, he believes that cannabis is a medicine and that people should be allowed to use it for their wellness. Through his knowledge and charisma, DeAngelo has reached out to people around the world to preach about the good that cannabis can do to them.

Aside from these, DeAngelo is also the co-founder and president of Arcview Group, which helps investors gain access to the cannabis market safely. Through this brand, he is able to create a good ecosystem for investors and companies alike.

The cannabis industry is still facing challenges despite the growth it is now experiencing. To move forward means having to surpass these hurdles first. Of course, companies will need wise and dauntless leaders at the helm of their operations for a better shot at success.

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