Dogs and their humans find CBD oil to be effective

Dogs and their humans find CBD oil to be effective

While CBD oil is effective in treating health issues of both humans and dogs, there are some interesting differences worth noting.

CBD oil is emerging as a safe and effective treatment for a variety of ills. While research is spotty, it has been conducted on both humans and animals, including dogs. And hemp-based CBD oil is essentially the same in that used for humans and their dogs. Of course, a variety of CBD oil products for humans do contain THC for medicinal effect. But hemp-based CBD oil is legal in more places including all 50 U.S. states.

When one examines CBD oil products for humans and dogs, one might assume that they are very different due to the packaging. But, when considering CBD oil products without THC, the products are similar except for dosing, the addition of flavoring and cod liver oil, and packaging requirements.

Dosing, flavoring and packaging

Differences in dosing are primarily about the size of the animal, whether human or dog. Larger animals require larger doses that would overwhelm the endocannabinoid system of most pets. So if for your dog, or even your cat, relying on CBD oil products designed for pets help ensure that they are getting the right dose.

While dogs may crave or believe it is necessary for them to eat human food, dosing is not the only issue. CBD oil treats often include flavors that are particularly attractive to dogs, ensuring that they will be consumed and that the CBD oil will be able to do its job. In addition, cod liver oil is often added to dog products because it improves the effectiveness of the CBD oil in dogs.

In some ways, the most complicated issues related to the differences between CBD oil for humans and dogs is the packaging. Because pet supplements are regulated differently from human supplements, CBD for pets is packaged differently. And depending on the terms used and the package design, companies producing CBD oil for pets may use different tactics to avoid more stringent regulations.

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Dogs and humans have a special relationship (Source)

For example, one company attempting to avoid regulations around animal feed “call[s] their main product chews instead of treats and, for all their products, recommend[s] dosages rather than serving sizes or calories.” In fact, they do not even use the term CBD preferring PCR or phytocannabinoid rich instead. This terminology helps clarify that no THC is included in the product.

Research is the biggest difference

Another difference, though this will change, is that medical research for CBD oil has been conducted on both humans and dogs but not always for the same health issues. Research regarding CBD treatable conditions includes the reduction of anxiety and panic disorders in humans. So many takes a leap of faith and suggest its use for dogs suffering anxiety disorders as well.

On the other hand, animal studies have revealed that CBD can help with inflammatory bowel disease which is also a big concern for humans. But keep in mind that many drugs and healing substances are first tested on animals before being tested on humans. So the back and forth in considering treatments for both humans and dogs are really just part of the normal process of medical progress.

The most exciting news regarding CBD oil for humans and dogs is the fact that both categories of animal are benefiting from the health effects of products containing CBD. Over time, as more research is conducted and as medical and legal systems respond to that research, both humans and their dogs will benefit. Though the packaging will probably remain different, the products themselves will be more similar than not.

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